Saraceno D'Oro
Saraceno D'Oro is located in Positano on Via Pasitea #254 (tel. 089.812.050). It is located just one turn from Il fornillo - the bus stop with several small shrines to the local patron saint, Madonna of the Ascension. The bus driver will know, but if you are driving look for the shrines on a sharp left turn about 400m after the Best Western Hotel Pasitea. Via Pasitea is a one-way road through the entire town which connects to the state highway at each end.

Not only will you be delighted with your meal but you will also enjoy unparalleled hospitality from each and every member of the family that will greet and serve you - Marilu', Daniele, Silvana, Rino, Pietro and Mimmo.

Here you will find delicious antipasti, pasta, shellfish, swordfish and pizza to die for. Finish with fresh fruit, dessert and coffee in the Italian tradition and an ice-cold mandarin or lemon liquor that will top-off a dinner to remember.

There is ample space to dine inside or outside. Calling ahead to reserve space for large groups is recommended.

Should you wish to stay nearby, Domenico (Mimmo) a simpatico gentleman, will greet you at the Hotel Saraceno next door and tend to your accommodations.

We wish all our guests to return with their friends and their appetites and to enjoy a welcome stay on the Amalfi Coast. Have a pleasant and safe journey.